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Jon K Shidler

Jon K Shidler
1128 North Hilton Road
Wilmington, Delaware 19803

From my birth on 23 Feb 1939 until my graduation from Ashland High School in 1956, I lived in Ashland, Ohio. In 1964 I graduated from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, with a B.S. in biology. On 25 May 1959 in Elizabeth City, NC, Elizabeth Nunnelee ("E-Bette") Kugler and I were married. She was born on 8 Mar 1939 in Asheville, NC, and is the daughter of Edwin Brown Kugler Sr and Martha Ellen (Nunnelee) Kugler. E-Bette and I were divorced in 1985. We had three children (one of whom passed away in April, 2010) and four grandchildren.
I worked as a marine biologist and oceanographer in Chesapeake Bay and the Gulf of Mexico; as a computer programmer and systems analyst in Massachusetts, Delaware, Virginia, Puerto Rico, New Jersey, New York City, Saudi Arabia, and Pennsylvania; and as a technical writer in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. Since retirement I have pursued my family history and that of my ex-wife and of our daughter's in-laws. (I consider all forebears of my grandchildren to be fair game.) This website is the result of my pursuit of ancestors.

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Background is an illustration of murex shells from a forgotten source. I am a seashell fancier and murices are my favorites.