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Both parents of your grandfather, Floyd Hamilton ("Ham") Fish were born with the surname FISH. They were seventh cousins, once removed. Both were descended from sons of John Fysh, an immigrant from England to Connecticut. This table shows how the two lines of descent were reunited in Ham Fish.
?Edward Fyshe
1  Thomas Fyshe
2  Robert Fysh (1593–1639 Market Harborough, Great Bowden Parish, Leicestershire, England)
3  John Fysh (c1621 Market Harborough–c1688 Stonington, CT)
4  John Fish (d 1705 Groton, CT)
5  David Fish (1695–c1758; d ?Stonington, CT)
6  Jason Fish (b 1726 Stonington, CT)
7  Elias Fish (c1764 Stonington, CT–c1807 Otsego Co, NY)
8  Elias Fish (1788 Groton, CT–c1857 Tyler Co, VA)
9  Helim Fish (1812 Otsego Co, NY–1885 Linn Co, KS)
10  Rev William Allison Fish (1855 Tyler Co, VA–1929 Benton, IL)
11  Mary Vivian Fish (b 1894 Benton, IL)
4  Capt Samuel Fish (1656 Stonington, CT–1733 Groton, CT)
5  Nathan Fish (c1699 Groton, CT–1732 Groton, CT)
6  Capt Nathan Fish (1727 Groton, CT–1822 Groton, CT)
7  Samuel Fish (1751 Groton, CT–1837 Halifax, VT)
8  Nathan Fish (1778 Groton, CT–1830 Ellisburg, NY)
9  John Fish (b 1806 Halifax, VT–d Ellisburg, NY)
10  Edward William Fish (1838–1860)
11  Edward W Fish (1861–1931)
12  Prof Floyd Hamilton Fish Sr
12/13  Floyd Hamilton ("Ham") Fish Jr

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