Bestow Dexter (c1838-1913)
Bestow Dexter (c1838–1913)

Harbor History

In the 1870s one of Floyd Hamilton "Ham" Fish Jr's great-grandfathers, Bestow Dexter, a farmer in upstate New York, began bringing his family to spend summers camping on the shore of a cove of Henderson Harbor, at the eastern end of Lake Ontario. In 1896 a cottage, "Sleepy Hollow", was built. Over the years other cottages have been built by various descendants until today a little cottage community exists, occupied every summer by descendants and relatives by marriage. One descendant, Professor Dan Higgins, has compiled a history of the community and has kindly given permission for it to be included in this website.

The shore by the family cottages at Henderson 		Harbor

The shore by the family cottages at Henderson Harbor, with Dexter Camp on the right.

Link to The Harbor, by Professor Dan Higgins (a .pdf file).

Those who would like to have a bound copy of The Harbor can obtain one through
(after you get to the site, search on "Harbor History").

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