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FLINT Brothers

Death of Robert G Flint Jr

Robert G Flint, Jr died on 2 November 1885.

“Several references have been made that Robert G Flint died, about 1895, when he was driving a wagonload of lumber, and it shifted forward and crushed him to death. . . .”1

This is puzzling. His son Robert Flint and his nephew Robert G Flint III are known to have been alive after 1895. Does this refer to our Robert with the date off by 10 years? Or was there yet another Robert G. Flint in the vicinity; no other references to such a person have been seen. According to a family tree at Ancestry.com Flint died from internal injuries sustained in a fall at Rancho Nacimiento. 2 A brief obituary appeared in a San Francisco paper:

“San Luis Obispo, November 2d.—R. G. Flint, an old resident of this county, died to-day at his home near San Miguel. He was seventy years old, and owned 101,000 acres of land. His wealth is estimated at $2,000,000.”3

Robert’s body was returned to London, Canada, and buried in the Brick Street Cemetery.

At the time of a 21 Feb 1887 estate deed, Robert’s oldest child, Minnie Flint, was 17. Rob was 15, George was 13, Bessie was 11, and Lyle was 9. Each daughter received $20,000, a sizeable sum in 1887.

“Under the terms of the 1887 estate deed, Robert was bequeathed the San Juan Rancho, the cattle and personal property, plus $6,965. George was bequeathed the Nacimiento Ranch, its 2,750 head of cattle, plus $3,401. The amounts of $6,965 and $3,401 were the net profits of the two ranches during the administration of the estate.”4

In addition, each child got one-fifth of “all other property not now known or discovered which may belong to said estate.” This amounted to about $4867.55 apiece.


1 Ohles (1997), p 130.

2 This information apparently came from obituary articles in the London, ON, Free Press, 17 and 18 Nov 1885. I attempted to order copies from the "London Free Press Archives" website, but received no reply.

3 Daily Alta California, 3 Nov 1885. A similar notice appeared in the San Diego Union, 4 Nov 1885, p 1. There were also brief mentions in the Sacramento Daily Record-Union for 3 Nov; Santa Cruz Daily Sentinel, Thu, 5 Nov 1885, p 1, c 5; and as far away as The Arizona Champion (Peach Springs, AZ), Sat, 14 Nov 1885, p 3, c 5.

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