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FLINT Brothers

Robert O Flint

Robert O Flint, the earliest Flint from whom I can prove descent, was born about 1761. On 4 Apr 1824 Robert O Flint, a thatcher of Hempnall, Norfolk, England, signed a short and simple will. In it he left all his real and personal property to his wife Charlotte (Beauford) Flint. After her death Robert’s assets were to go to his daughter-in-law Hannah (Pirney) Flint. Why he passed over his only child, Robert G Flint, in favor of the son’s wife is unknown. Robert was to receive his father’s property only after his wife’s death. After the younger Robert’s death the estate was to be divided equally among Robert and Hannah’s children.1

At the time of Robert O Flint’s will these children were Robert G Jr, 7, George, 5, and Mary, 2. Their son Pirney was born later in 1824, about a month before his grandfather's death in October. Another daughter, Patience, was born in 1826. A mysterious “H B” Flint is listed in some sources.2 Robert O Flint, aged 63, was buried at Hempnall on 24 Oct 1824.3


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3 England, Norfolk Parish Registers, 1538–1900; FHL Film No 11565303.

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