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At the time he wrote his letter, Jones was minding Robert’s cattle while Flint was away on a trip into Mexico for more. Jones had the following to say about his plans for the future:

“. . . I am going to Stay here till I make Something pretty good and then go home to See my folks, tho I think I Shall come back again and live here and bring my little darling with me if I can find her. . . .”1

Where “home” was, or whether he ever found his “little darling” is not known. He may have remained in the employ of Robert Flint for some years, assuming “William S Jones”, “Doc Jones”, and “Jones” are one and the same person. I have attempted to further identify William S Jones, but there seems to have been a William Jones under every rock in late 19th-century California. One possible candidate in the 1860 census is William Jones of Amador County, a miner from Indiana. Indiana rings a bell because Robert and Pirney Flint lived there before coming to California. Perhaps this William Jones crossed the country with one of the Flints. Or not. In an 1862 letter to Pirney, Robert writes:

“. . . your old friend ?Doc Jones is well. he is now about compleating two Miles of fence he has been Making for the this last year or two as a pasture. . . .”2

Again, an 1874 letter to Pirney states:

“. . . yesterday I rode about fifty Miles looking for the old sorral Capenara and a band of horses she has towards the slough and did Not find them; they are on the plains. Jones is gon after them this Morning. . . .”3

Other Joneses are mentioned in documents associated with Robert Flint. In 1878 and 1880 Robert informs Pirney the he has instructed M. P. Jones & Co of San Francisco to send advice on Pirney’s orchard. And a C. D. P. Jones is referred to in the settlement of Robert’s estate.


1 Jones (1856). This letter is also quoted in the "Volcano" and "Mining" sections.

2 Flint, R (1862).

3 Flint, R (1874).

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