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Ancestors of Edwin Brown (“Big Doc”) KUGLER Sr

Ancestor Charts

Big Doc is the descendant of Dutch, English and German immigrants to North America. On both his mother's and his father's side he is descended from Catalina TRICO and Joris RAPALJE, a couple who were aboard the very first boatload of settlers sent to populate the new Dutch colony of New Netherland (now New York) in 1624. He thus has numerous Dutch ancestors. In 1630 ancestors Thomas PETTIT and his wife Christian were among the 700 Puritan settlers led by John Winthrop that were to found the City of Boston. Other Puritan ancestors were to follow. Some of their descendants migrated to Long Island, then later to New Jersey. Andrew HEATH and Elizabeth BARRETT, who were later to marry, were among those accompanying William Penn when he arrived to found his new Quaker colony of Pennsylvania in 1682. In the mid 1680s German and Dutch settlers, including ancestors Hans Peter and Margaret UMBSTATT and Wilhelm and Geertruid RETTINGHAUSEN joined the Quakers in Pennsylvania. Rettinghausen was the first to bring the skill of papermaking to the colonies. Big Doc is descended from him in two different ways (see the chart on the Rittenhouse/Rettinghausen page). Floyd Hamilton Fish Jr, my grandchildren's other grandfather, is also descended from Wilhelm Rettinghausen. In the 1730s other German ancestors, Peter and Barbara SCHMIDT and Stephen Christian and Maria Eva BRAUN came to the New World. They settled first in Lancaster County, PA, but later moved south to North Carolina. Finally, in 1752, young Johannes KUGLER arrived. He lived for a time in Pennsylvania, but eventually settled in New Jersey. Descendants of most of these pioneers converged on Hunterdon County, NJ, and became Big Doc's paternal ancestors. The Schmidts and Brauns, as well as some Dutch descendants, however, went to North Carolina and became his maternal ancestors.

For a fuller treatment of the coming of Big Doc's ancestors to America, see Kugler Ancestor Arrivals.

     Chart 1—KUGLER Ancestor Chart—Paternal

     Chart 2—KUGLER Ancestor Chart—Paternal Dutch

     Chart 3—KUGLER Ancestor Chart—Maternal

     Chart 4—KUGLER Ancestor Chart—Maternal Dutch

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