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Some Paternal Ancestors of Edwin Brown (“Big Doc”) KUGLER Sr


The names Bailey/Bayley/Bayless/Bayles/Baylis can be corruptions of “bailiff”. Bailiff is a name of office—one who acted as agent for the lord in the management of a manor, or one charged by the king or a lord with public administrative authority in a certain district, or the chief officer of a hundred (an administrative division of a county). In Scotland, a bailiff was a municipal officer corresponding to an alderman. Forms ending in s (Bayliss/Bayless/Bayles/Baylis) can mean “son of the bailiff”. Bailiff is derived from an old French word baillif, which in turn came from the Latin bajulus, “guardian” or “person in charge”. Another source denotes someone who lived by the wall of a castle or fortified town, from the Middle English bail(l)y. For example, the Old Bailey in London was part of the early medieval walls. Other Baileys take their name from a place in Lancashire called Bailey, meaning “berry wood” or “the clearing where berries grew”.1


1 Smith, E (1988); Bayley Surname (ws).

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Mary BAILEY (1647–c1718)

Elias BAYLIS (1621–1663)

Elias Baylis of Setauket

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