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Some Paternal Ancestors of Edwin Brown (“Big Doc”) KUGLER Sr

Jonathan and Eunice PORTER

One source1 lists Jonathan‘s parents as Samuel and Sarah Porter of Dorchester, Dorsetshire, England. The earliest appearance of the name “Jonathan Porter” in Salem, Massachusetts Bay Colony, was in 1636, when he received a grant of 20 acres.2 Four children are recorded for Jonathan and Eunice—Elizabeth, Eunice, Mary, and Jonathan. Mary and Jonathan were baptised in Salem,3 so perhaps Elizabeth and Eunice were born in England. Jonathan Jr apparently was not living when Jonathan Sr‘s estate was divided in 1660, since he is not mentioned.4 Jonathan Sr was granted land in Salem in 1637 and 1647. He joined the Salem church in 1640.5 In 1641, he appears on a list of “the Names of such as tooke the Oath of Freemen”.6 He was appointed sergeant in 1647, and was a selectman in 1653–54. In September, 1654 Francis Nurce or Nurse sued Jonathan Porter and his wife: “Francis Nurse . . . was frequently in the courts, suing [various persons including] Jonathan Porter and his wife Eunice for slander . . . and obtaining judgement, Eunice Porter making a public acknowledgment of her fault”.7 In the next month, Porter conveyed his estate to his son-in-law, James Chichester, on condition that Chichester should provide for Jonathan‘s widow Eunice if Jonathan should predecease her. Porter then moved to Huntington, Long Island, in the Dutch colony of New Netherland, becoming one of its earliest settlers.8

In 1658 several families, including the Harnetts, Chichesters and Jarvises were accused of attending a Quaker Meeting. That year these families, accompanied perhaps by Eunice Porter, left Salem for Huntington, Long Island. All four families are closely associated in early Long Island records, and all three of Jonathan and Eunice Porter's daughters married within that small group—Elizabeth married Edward Harnett Jr, Eunice married James Chichester and Mary married Stephen Jarvis.9 After Jonathan died the town of Huntington in 1660 granted “the widow portar . . . one acare of medow . . . occupying it so longe as she liveth in the towne.”10 Within a year Eunice had remarried Giles Smith of Fairfield, CT (just across Long Island Sound from Huntington).

Edward and Elizabeth Harnett‘s two children, Jonathan and Eunice, appear to have been named after Elizabeth‘s parents.


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