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Some Paternal Ancestors of Edwin Brown (“Big Doc”) KUGLER Sr

Ancestors with the Surname KUGLER

The German noun die Kugel means sphere, ball, or bullet, and persons with surnames such as KUGEL, KUGELMAN, or KUGLER probably had an ancestor who was a maker of bullets. However, according to the New Dictionary of American Family Names,1 these surnames can also designate a maker of hoods or cowls.

Information on earlier generations of Kuglers is relatively sparse. Big Doc’s great-great-great grandfather Johannes Kugler was a 1752 immigrant from the Duchy of Württemberg, “Germany”. He settled in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, and various Kuglers, presumably descendants, are mentioned in association with Hunterdon County History.

“The Kugler family have been identified with the development and increasing prosperity of this county for several generations, and have always been esteemed for their sterling characteristics. They come from sturdy, industrious and thrifty German stock, and are noted for fidelity to duty and patriotism.”2
Map of NJ Highlighting Hunterdon County

Location of Hunterdon County
in New Jersey3

Frank Cannon KUGLER Sr (1872–1934)

George Washington KUGLER (1830–1898)

James KUGLER (1797–c1870)

John KUGLER Jr (c1777–1847)

Johannes (“John Sr”) KUGLER(c1738–1812)

Duchy of Württemberg

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Big Doc’s grandfather, George W Kugler, seemingly left Hunterdon County and lived elsewhere in New Jersey and in Maryland. His son, Frank C Kugler, moved to North Carolina.

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