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Some Paternal Ancestors of Edwin Brown (“Big Doc”) KUGLER Sr


According to the New Dictionary of American Family Names1, Pettit is a name, originally French, meaning “the short or small man”. There are several old English lines of Pettits. Other families named Pettit were among the many Huguenot, or French Protestant, refugees who fled to England to escape the terrible persecution of Protestants in France.


1 Smith, E (1988).

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Elizabeth PETTIT (c1712–1785)

Nathaniel PETTIT II (c1690–?1768)

Nathaniel PETTIT I (c1648–?1718)

New Netherlands/New York

Thomas PETTIT(c1610–1690)

John Winthrop (1588–1649)

Ann Marbury Hutchinson and John Wheelwright

New Hampshire vs Massachusetts

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