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Some Paternal Ancestors of Edwin Brown (“Big Doc”) KUGLER Sr


The surname Umstadt probably meant something like “near the town” and may have described the surname progenitor’s place of residence. Like most surnames it has been spelled many ways, including Omstad, Umbstatt, Umpstadt, Umstadt, Umstat, Umstattd, Umstead, and Umstott. I have used UMBSTATT because that is the way the immigrant Hans Peter Umbstatt spelled it on documents he signed. Umbstatt descendants are found in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Virginia, West Virginia and elsewhere. William Bradley Umstead (1895–1954) was an ill-fated governor of North Carolina (1953–54), who had a heart attack three days after his inauguration, spent much of his term in the hospital, and died before he had completed two years in office.2


1 My primary source for this surname was the website "Umstead Family Genealogy" at Umstead (ws) with many articles by Cris Hueneke. Also consulted were Linton E Love, "Our Rittenhouse Families", Love (ws); and these RootsWeb WorldConnect databases: DeVault (RW db) and Rochelle (RW db).

2 "Governor William Bradley Umstead", Umstead (ws).

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Anna Margaretta UMBSTATT (1690–1697)

Hans Peter UMBSTATT (c1650–c1711)

The Umbstatt Bible

Nicholas UMBSTATT (c1625–1682)

An Earlier UMBSTATT?

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