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Johann Gerg SCHEIDELER, 1736 Immigrant

Under the heading "EARLY FAMILY HISTORY" Harry Shideler, in his 1931 History of the Shidler Family1 has this to say about our Shidler immigrant progenitor:

"In 1710, there was born in Hanau, Germany, a boy who was destined to establish in America, a family which in two centuries should have representatives in every state north of the Ohio river and west of the Mississippi.

"His name was John Shidler. In 1730, this boy came to America, landing at Philadelphia, where he remained for a season, and then went to Frederick County, Maryland. It was here that he met and married Margaret Nave. They moved to Washington County, Pennsylvania, where a few of their descendants, of the sixth and seventh generations, live now. Here John died in 1784 and Margaret in her 86th year."2

What's wrong with this picture? Practically everything! Most of the "facts" presented in these two paragraphs are a little "off". To me, they have the ring of oral tradition—lore passed down by word of mouth. ("I got it from Great Aunt Sally and she had it from her grandmother" sort of thing.) Yet the overall depiction—of a young German coming to the New World in the 1730s, marrying, and living in Maryland and then in southwestern Pennsylvania—is a reasonably valid one. The devil is in the details. That wasn't when he was born, nor is that his correct immigration date. He couldn't have moved to Frederick Co, MD, or Washington Co, PA, when Shideler indicates he did because those counties didn't come into existence until later. That wasn't even his name, nor his wife's, exactly. Harry did get one thing right—our ancestor did arrive in the New World at Philadelphia.3


1 Shideler (1931).

2 Shideler (1931), p 5.

3 See also Shidler (1987), "'John Shidler', German Immigrant", p 22.

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