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Ancestors of Jon K SHIDLER —

Great-Great-Great-Grandparents and Beyond          

Tenmile Dunker Church and Cemetery

Ten Mile Dunker Church and Cemetery, W Bethlehem Twp, Washington Co, PA. This church was built in 1836 on land that had belonged to Jacob Scheidler (no. 32). Jacob's son, Jacob Jr, donated the land for the church. His grave is the nearest in the foreground. Jacob Sr and probably his wife, Catrina (Horn) Scheidler (no. 33), are also buried here. The church is still in use.
[credit: photo by Jay F Carson, 2010]

32. SCHEIDLER, Jacob, b 1742, Monocacy Settlement, Prince Georges Co, MD; d 25 Mar 1809, Washington Co, PA; farmer; served in Washington Co, PA, militia during Revolution; buried Tenmile Dunkard Cem, W Bethlehem Twp, Washington Co, PA; m 15 Apr 1775, Catrina Horn. PREVIOUS GENERATION: Johann Gerg Scheideler (c1714–1784), 1736 immigrant from County of Hanau, "Germany", farmer, and Margaretha Neff (c1719–c1801).

33. HORN, Catrina, b c1749; d c1839, Hillsboro, W Bethlehem Twp, Washington Co, PA.

34. ADELMAN, John, b 1769, Lovettsville, Loudoun Co, VA; farmer; moved to PA c1798; d 21 Apr 1828, Morgan Twp, Greene Co, PA; buried Horn Cemetery, on the Horn farm near Zollarsville, W Bethlehem Twp, Washington Co, PA; m c1789, Lovettsville, Loudoun Co, VA, Catharine Shockar. PREVIOUS GENERATION: Daniel Edelman (d c1787) and Elizabeth ??????.

35. SHOCKAR, Catherine, b 1775, Loudoun Co, VA; d 18 Jul 1849, Morgan Twp, Greene Co, PA; buried Horn Cemetery, Zollarsville, Washington Co, PA. PREVIOUS GENERATION: George Shockar (d c1810) and Margaret ?????? (d 1826).

36. SCHOTT, Philip Jacob Sr, b 13 Nov 1761, Derry Twp, Lancaster Co, PA; d 20 Apr 1802; he and two brothers died of yellow fever within a few days of one another; farmer; buried Rebersburg Cemetery, Rebersburg, Miles Twp, Centre Co, PA; m 1789, Paxton Twp, Dauphin Co, PA, Margaret Magdalena Alleman. PREVIOUS GENERATIONS: Johann Fridrich Wilhelm Schott (1729–1786), 1749 immigrant from Duchy of Zweibrücken, farmer, served in Lancaster Co militia in Revolution, and Maria Barbara Esther Oderman (c1740–c1789); Otto Philip Schott (b c1690), court physician at the Duke of Zweibrücken's palace, and Anna Maria Flugel (b c1710); Johannes Schott and Anna Margareta ??????.

37. ALLEMAN, Margaret Magdalena, b 26 Mar 1765, Paxton Twp, Lancaster Co, PA; d 24 Jan 1836, Milestrop, Miles Twp, Centre Co, PA; m(2) c1803, Centre Co, PA, George Stine. PREVIOUS GENERATIONS: John Frederick Alleman (1734–1783), 1753 immigrant from Lorraine, France, Revolutionary soldier, and Rachel ?????? (b c1735); Christian Allemang (b c1691), moved from St Stephan, Kanton Bern, Switzerland, to Schalbach, Moselle, France.

38. SHAFER, Jacob, b 1739, Brandenburg, Prussia; d 14 Mar 1826, Springfield Twp, Columbiana Co, OH; m 17 Jun 1789, Lancaster Co, PA, Katherine Winterrode.

39. WINTERRODE, Katherine, b 24 Jul 1767, Conestoga Twp, Lancaster Co, PA; d 20 May 1828, Beaver Twp, Columbiana Co, OH.

Date stone from the house of Hans Ulrich Bürgi

Stone from the house of Hans Ulrich Bürgi with his initials and "1738". He was a Mennonite pioneer in Lower Salford Township, Montgomery Co, PA, and is the grandfather of no. 40.
[credit: John L Ruth, Maintaining the Right Fellowship: a Narrative Account of Life in the Oldest Mennonite Community in North America, Herald Press, 1984, p 91; photo by George and Delpha Dee Wolfe.]

40. BERGEY, Christian Sr, b 1758, Philadelphia Co, PA; d 1828, Lower Mount Bethel Twp, Northampton Co, PA; farmer; m 1780, Philadelphia Co, PA, Gertrude Kolb. PREVIOUS GENERATIONS: John Bergey (c1728–1804), Mennonite minister, had a grist and sawmill on Perkiomen Creek, Philadelphia (later Montgomery) Co, PA, and Anna Clymer; Hans Ulrich ("John") Bürgi (1700–1762), 1717 immigrant from Switzerland, and Anna Mary ?Clemens (d 1789); Hans Bürgi (1668–after 1715), Biglen, Kanton Bern, Switzerland, and Maria Bürki (b 1681) Langnau, Kanton Bern, Switzerland; Ulrich Bürgi (b 1645), and Elsbeth Hasler; Uli Bürgi (b c1615), and Barbara Roos.

41. KOLB, Gertrude, b c1758, Skippack and Perkiomen Twp, Philadelphia Co, PA; d 1840, Montgomery Co, PA. PREVIOUS GENERATIONS: "Strong Isaac" Kolb (1711–1776), known for feats of strength, Mennonite minister and bishop, weaver, and Geertrauta Ziegler (b c1713); Jacob Kolb (1685–1739), 1707 immigrant from Wolfsheim, Palatinate, farmer, weaver and Mennonite deacon, killed by the beam of a cider press, and Sarah Van Sintern (1690–1766), c1700 immigrant from Hamburg, "Germany"; Thielmann Kolb (1642–1712), Mennonite leader, Wolfsheim, Palatinate, and Agnes Schumacher (1652–1705); Heinrich Kolb (b c1615).

Thielmann Kolb 1699 carved in the door of a farm in the Palatinate

Jean Metz Kraybill, a Kulp/Kolb descendant, reads the inscription, "THIELMANN KOLB 1699", carved in the door of a hof, or farm, in the village of Wolfsheim, in the Palatinate (today's Rheinland-Pfalz). Thielmann Kolb is the great-grandfather of no. 41. His son Jacob was a Mennonite leader in Pennsylvania.
[credit: John L Ruth, Maintaining the Right Fellowship: a Narrative Account of Life in the Oldest Mennonite Community in North America, Herald Press, 1984, p 73; photo by Paul N Kraybill.]

42. SCHAUM, Johannes, b c1758, "Germany"; d 1812, Plainfield Twp, Northampton Co, PA; buried near Bangor, PA; 1774 immigrant, indentured servant, weaver; m(1) Maria Kolb (first cousin of no. 41); m(2) ?????? Miller.

43. MILLER, ??????.

44. FLORY, Noah, b c1784, Rapho Twp, Lancaster Co, PA; farmer and cooper; m 3 May 1803, Mary Stauffer Eshelman. PREVIOUS GENERATIONS: Abraham Flory (1749–1813), laborer, served in Lancaster Co militia in Revolution, and Christine ?????? (b c1751); Johannes/John Flory (1718–1781), 1733 immigrant with parents, farmer, and Anna Mary Dankers (b 1722); Joseph Flory (1682–1741) and Mary Bugh (b c1693), 1733 immigrants from Duchy of Zweibrücken.

45. ESHELMAN, Mary Stauffer, b 7 Jul 1782, Rapho Twp, Lancaster Co, PA; d c1872, Lancaster Co, PA. PREVIOUS GENERATIONS: Isaac Eshleman (1745–1807) and Christiana Stauffer (1748–1814); Heinrich Aeschlemann (1707–1778), 1728 immigrant, and Barbara Kendig (d before 1755).

46. LESHER, ??????.

47. ??????.

48. BAKER, Thomas, b c1772, Jacobstow, Cornwall, England; d 21 May 1862; buried St Briget's Anglican Cemetery, Bridestowe, Devon; m 7 Dec 1797, Poundstock, Cornwall, Honour Hacker. PREVIOUS GENERATIONS: Tom Baker (1737–1815) (always "Tom", never "Thomas", in the records) and Elizabeth Hambly (1740–1820); William Baker (1690–1786) and Mary Treweeks (1690–1759); William Baker (b c1665), and Philippa ??????.

49. HACKER, Honour, b Jan 1777, Poundstock, Cornwall, England; d 24 Sep 1848; buried St Briget's Cemetery, Bridestowe, Devon. PREVIOUS GENERATIONS: William Hacker (1749–1832) and Jane Hobbs (1752–1811); Thomas Hacker (c1722–1790) and Honor Brock (1726–1761).

Tombstone of Jane (Hobbs) Hacker and William Hacker

Tombstone of Jane (Hobbs) Hacker (1752–1811) (mother of no. 49) in the churchyard of St Winwaloe Anglican Church, Poundstock, Cornwall, England. An inscription for her husband, William Hacker (1749–1832) (father of no. 49) was later added to Jane's stone.
[credit: photo by Jon E Shidler, 1999]

50. HICKS, Andrew, b Dec 1766, Poughill, Cornwall, England; d 24 Jan 1833, Bridgerule, Devon, England; farmer; m 28 Sep 1791, Launcells Parish, Cornwall, Joanna Banbury. PREVIOUS GENERATIONS: Tristram Hexx (1740–1812) and Margaret Dyer (1736–1815); Charles Hix (1688–1768) and Elizabeth Saunders (1704–1788); Robert Hex (c1658–1694) and Ann Hodges (c1660–1710).

51. BANBURY, Joanna, b 29 Mar 1769, Bridgerule, Devon, England; d 6 Mar 1854, Bridgerule. PREVIOUS GENERATIONS: Thomas Bumbury (1726–1804) and Joan Higgins (1732–1810); Thomas Banbury (1694–1742) and Grace (?Genn) (1699–1752).

Home of the Blewett Family -- Marazion, Cornwall

Blewett house, Marazion, Cornwall. Home of earlier generations of George Blewetts. Now the estate office of the St Aubyn family who live on St Michael's Mount.
[credit: photo by Roger Blewett, Hayle, Cornwall]

52. BLEWETT, George John Sr, b 1780, Davidstow, Cornwall, England; d after 1851, Cornwall; m 5 Mar 1801 Blisland, Cornwall, Mary Collins. PREVIOUS GENERATIONS: George Blewett (d 1781) and Martha James; George Blewett (b 1727) and Honour Millet; George Blewett and Eliza ??????.

53. COLLINS, Mary, b 1776, Cornwall, England. PREVIOUS GENERATIONS: Mary Collins was the sister of no. 54, William Collins, so her ancestors are the same as his.

Trewardale, Blisland, Cornwall -- Home of the Collins Family

Trewardale, Blisland, Cornwall. Home of the Collins family since about 1790 and, before them, the Brownes. Rebuilt in its present form by one of the Brownes during the 1760s. Still occupied by Collins descendants who rent out two rooms to bed and breakfast guests.
[credit: http://www.cornwall-online.co.uk/trewardale/]

54. COLLINS, Leftenant William, b c1783; d 1860, St Breward, Cornwall; m 1806, Blisland, Cornwall, Catherine Cock; William is said to have been stationed at one time near where his daughter (no. 27) later settled in Canada. PREVIOUS GENERATIONS: Rev John Basset Collins (c1743–1788) and Elizabeth Browne (1753–1837); John Collins and Mary ??????.

55. COCK, Catherine.

56. FLINT, Robert O; b c1761, d Oct 1824, Hempnall, Norfolk, England; thatcher, owner of tenant properties; m Charlotte Beauford.

57. BEAUFORD, Charlotte.

58. PERNEY, Patrick, b c1760, Scotland; m(1) ?Lowestoft, Suffolk, England, Ann Deed; m(2) 2 Nov 1797, Lowestoft, Mary Mewse/Mense.

59. DEED, Ann.

60. ULSEN, Johan Heinrich, b 1763, "Germany"; d Jan 1810, Markham Twp, York Co, Upper Canada; 1792 immigrant to New World; first attempted to settle in the Genesee Valley of NY, moved to Canada in 1794; farmer, knitter and tailor; m(1) 1797, Crowland Twp, Welland Co, Upper Canada, Elizabeth Steinhoff; m(2) 1809, Markham Twp, York Co, Upper Canada, Elizabeth Turner.

61. STEINHOFF, Elizabeth, b 1781, Newton Twp, Sussex Co, NJ; d c1809, Markham Twp, York Co, Upper Canada; buried Buttonville Cemetery, Markham Twp. PREVIOUS GENERATION: Johannes Steinhoff (c1746–1811), emigrant from "Germany", may have been a "Hessian" mercenary (but not necessarily from Hesse) fighting for the British and captured by the Americans at the surrender of British General Burgoyne after the Battle of Saratoga, NY, Oct 1777; moved from NJ to Canada as a United Empire Loyalist (Tory) in 1785, and Anna/Hannah ?????? (c1756–1829).

62. WHITE, ??????, b England.

63. ??????.

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